Video film clips from Professor Christoph von Fürer-Haimendorf and Betty Haimendorf, Christoph’s wife and companion, field trip to the Apa Tani Valley in Arunachal Pradesh, north eastern India. From 1912 to 1944, no exploratory expedition had entered the Subansiri region of the North-East Frontier regions, until Haimendorf, as Special Officer in Subansiri, visited a number of the villages in 1944 and 1945.


This  old  videos  are  truly important treasures for  Arunachal people.  Apatani , Nyishi , Aka , nocte , wancho , monpa and   Sherdukpen tribes are some of the lucky tribes to have their history documented in audio -video  records. 

Courtesy – Prof Alan Macfarlane – Ayabaya, ,  British Pathé  and  Ursula Graham  Bower.











Arunachal Assam  road Prepares To Receive Dalai Lama (1959)




In 1946 ,Ursula Graham Bower moved to the Subansiri district in Arunachal Pradesh, northeastern India. Her husband had been appointed Political Officer there. They lived among the local Apatani and Dafla (now Nyishi) people for two years. This is where this film footage was taken. She also wrote a book about her experiences entitled ‘The Hidden Land’.
The film material was shown in a BBC programme in the 1950s. David Attenborough had devised a programme called ‘Traveller’s Tales’, in which explorers brought in their films to be shown to the audience. Attemborough and his guest then talked about the film and the explorer’s exploits. In 1956 Ursula Graham Bower appeared in an episode of ‘Traveller’s Tales’ to talk about her experiences in the Apa Tani valley and show her films.