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The Flash trailer has Michael Keaton’s Batman recreating iconic line; brings back General Zod in Ezra Miller-starrer

The Flash trailer has Michael Keaton’s Batman recreating iconic line; brings back General Zod in Ezra Miller-starrer

While the trailer of DC’s upcoming superhero film The Flash hasn’t officially been released, it was shown to a select gathering at CinemaCon on Tuesday night. CinemaCon is an annual convention of movie theatre owners and the 2022 edition is underway in Las Vegas from April 25-28. Every year, the event sees first look reveals, trailers, and announcements of several big films before they are released to the public. And The Flash trailer already has the internet buzzing. Many people who watched it at the convention have taken to social media posting tiny reveals and hints of what the ambitious film has to offer. Also read: Flash star Ezra Miller’s DC future has reportedly been put ‘on pause’ by Warner Bros after his arrest

The Flash is the first solo outing for the titular superhero, who is played in the DC Extended Universe by Ezra Miller. Ezra is reprising his role from Justice League, in which he had a supporting role. It is said that the film adapts the DC Comics’ popular Flashpoint storyline, where The Flash went back in time to save his mother but created an alternate reality, putting the world in danger.

In this multiversal tale, two Batmen return with both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton putting on the cape and the cowl once again on the silver screen. Michael Keaton played Batman in the 1989 film Batman while Ben Affleck played the role in two films– Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and Justice League (2017). Sasha Calle is making her DC debut as Supergirl. But the trailer that played at CinemaCon on Tuesday night offered lots of new stuff.

According to details posted by those who watched it, the new trailer finally gives a good like at Michael Keaton’s Batman. The film’s teaser had only shown his Bat suit and silhouette. In fact, multiple people tweeted that not only is Michael Keaton shown in the trailer, viewers will get a glimpse of multiple Bat suits. Some have taken this as a hint that Ben Affleck’s Batman may appear too.

What has the fans really excited is that apparently, Michael Keaton delivers his iconic “Let’s get nuts” line, which he said in the 1989 film. Additionally, the trailer also has a glimpse of General Zod (Michael Shannon), who was the villain in Man of Steel (2013). He has been described as the film’s main villain. It will be interesting to see how DC does that given Zod was killed by Superman in the 2013 film. There is no word on when the trailer will be released formally.

Film writer and presenter Erik Davis, who saw the trailer, tweeted, “’You wanna get nuts? Let’s get nuts!’ We just saw a new trailer for #TheFlash that ends with Michael Keaton’s Batman delivering that classic Batman line. Bunch of new footage, including several Batman suits, Batmobile shots & a quick look at Michael Shannon’s Zod, too!”

Directed by Andy Mushietti, The Flash is slated to release on June 23, 2023. It also stars Ron Livingston, Kiersey Clemens, and Antje Traue in pivotal roles. There is some uncertainty about Ezra Miller’s role in the DCEU following his recent multiple arrests in Hawaii. Few reports have claimed that Warner Bros have put his DC career on pause even as the studio has denied it


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