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Tamil Nadu Pvt Medical Colleges Hike Fee for MBBS, BDS Courses


In self-financed medical colleges across Tamil Nadu, the one-year fee for government reserved seats for MBBS and BDS courses has increased from Rs 4.3 lakh to Rs 4.5 lakh. Similarly, the one-year fee for administrative quota seats has increased from Rs 12.5 lakhs to Rs 13.5 lakhs. Further, the reservation fees for NRIs have also gone up. Last year, it was Rs 23.5 lakhs while in the current year, it is Rs 24.5 lakhs.

If the seats reserved for NRIs are not filled up, they will be transferred to the general pool. The fee for such allotted seats is fixed at Rs 21.5 lakhs per annum. At present, the fees set by the fee determination committee are special fees, enrollment fees, tuition fees, sports fees, laboratory fees, etc.

Apart from these fees, private medical colleges are also allowed to collect 40,000 per student for development fund. Besides, accommodation charges, transportation charges, food charges are not included in the current rates. It has to be paid separately. As a result, the students have to pay up to one lakh annually in addition to the current fee.

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There is a growing demand for college administrations to institute group insurance schemes for students. While educationists and parents have expressed their views that the fees for medical courses are already high, the current fee rates have increased and the students now have to pay extra fees.

Two new private medical universities in Tamil Nadu are set to start this year. The government has reserved seats in private medical universities namely Thanalakshmi Srinivasan University and Venkateswara Medical College Hospital for Rs 5.4 lakh and for administrative quota seats Rs 16.2 lakhs has been fixed. For NRIs, Rs 29.4 lakh has been fixed as fee.

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