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Salman Khan’s Suryavanshi Co-Star Sheeba Akashdeep: “I Was Young & Not Well Guided, Should Have Been More Ambitious”

Salman Khan’s Suryavanshi Co-Star Sheeba Akashdeep: “I Was Young & Not Well Guided, Should Have Been More Ambitious”

Salman Khan’s Suryavanshi Co-Star Sheeba Akashdeep Regrets Not Being Ambitious Enough In Her Career (Photo Credit –Instagram/ Movie Poster)

There are different stages in everyone’s career. While some stay on the same path, some explore different avenues. Sheeba Akashdeep, 90s popular Bollywood actor who starred with Salman Khan in Suryavanshi, shares her love for her craft, struggles and the kind of parts and projects she is in the lookout for.

“I will not say that I’m satisfied. I’m just going with the flow and there’s so much more that I would have liked to do or I should do and I want to do,” she says.

Looking back at her struggles and missed opportunities and how she handled the situation, Sheeba Akashdeep shares, “I think I was young and not well guided. And yes I have missed out on some very good opportunities. I was very relaxed about my career when I should have been more ambitious. So definitely yes there were a whole bunch of missed opportunities.”

The number of mediums, platforms and online channels has increased, so has the competition. If you don’t take up an opportunity, there are 100 people ready to grab it.

Agreeing, Sheeba Akashdeep adds, “Yes everybody today is replaceable and brings an equal amount of talent and looks and experience to the table. The opportunities have increased but so has the competition. But let’s be fatalistic here and say what is meant to be yours will fall into your lap and there are certain cases in which if people really like your body of work, seen some of your work and liked it, you’re going to get the opportunity.”

Sheeba is looking for opportunities where she gets to showcase her talent. “I want to do a myriad of roles on a myriad of platforms. I want to now work full time. I have dreamt about every single role that I have done so far. So yes I have dreams of doing more roles and want to fulfil my wishes,” she says.

The actor knows how to better her craft. “I read a lot. I observe a lot. I watch a lot. I try to keep myself updated in terms of the nuances of acting, how the craft has changed over the years, how things have become much more subtle and natural. So I try to keep reinventing myself. Even with something as silly as reels, I try to bring something natural or different or just explore the whole medium of being myself while acting,” she adds.

What is the film/series/tv show that you have seen many times and consider it as your reference textbook? “What comes to my mind off late is a show called The Kominsky Method. It was very interesting and I could learn a lot of nuances of acting from it. So that was the show I kind of watched with great observation and depth. Interestingly, a very light documentary which I saw recently called Cunk on Earth on Netflix was really amazing. Had the protagonist, the actress who I thought was outstanding in her craft. I loved the nuances which she brought to her act. So you get to learn something new with every great show or part that you see and how an actor has interpreted that particular part which teaches you something every time,” she says.

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