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Pregnancy Pillows for Sleeping, Faux Fur Luxury Maternity Pillow Support for Pregnant Women, Pregnancy Must Haves, Side Sleeper Pillows for Adults (Blue)

Pregnancy Pillows for Sleeping, Faux Fur Luxury Maternity Pillow Support for Pregnant Women, Pregnancy Must Haves, Side Sleeper Pillows for Adults (Blue)

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pobopobo We Know,Worry’s a No-No!

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The Birth of Pobopobo:

Pobopobo was born from a simple, yet profound idea – to create a world where every mother and baby experience the purest form of comfort, care, and connection. The name itself captures the essence of our brand, as we believe that the subtle sounds and murmurs of a baby are where the most beautiful stories of love and nurturing begin.


In the softest whispers of a child’s tender voice, we found the inspiration for our brand, Pobopobo. As an Amazon seller specializing in mother and baby products in the United States, we’ve made it our mission to transform these gentle mumbles into moments of pure love and comfort. Pobopobo isn’t just a brand; it’s a testament to the extraordinary bond between mothers and their precious babies.

Crafted with Love and Quality:

Every Pobopobo product is meticulously crafted using the highest quality materials, ensuring durability, safety, and peace of mind for both mothers and babies.

More than a Brand – A Community of Care:

Beyond our products, Pobopobo represents a nurturing community. We’re here to celebrate the victories, listen to the struggles, and support mothers on their incredible journeys. We’re not just a brand; we’re your partners in parenthood.

Join the Pobopobo Experience:

As you embark on the remarkable journey of motherhood, allow Pobopobo to be your trusted companion. Join our ever-growing family of mothers who’ve discovered the unparalleled comfort, care, and connection that Pobopobo brings to their lives.

PERSONALIZED COMFORT: Pregnancy brings changing needs and comfort for expectant mothers. Our pillow’s adjustable width and filling let moms-to-be customize its shape and width. This tailoring provides optimal support, adapting to the growing belly and body changes, ensuring effectiveness throughout pregnancy.
SOOTHING DESIGN: Introducing the concept of fur into the pregnancy pillow for the first time, with the appearance reminiscent of luxury handbags and a retro corduroy fabric, it’s as if declaring “you deserve better.” This unique fur element not only brings pleasure but also offers a soft and comfortable touch, akin to a gentle caress. It effectively comforts the psychological stress of expectant mothers, soothes their mood, and promotes the healthy growth of the baby.
MACHINE WASHABLE AS A WHOLE: A boon for the lazy, the design that allows the whole pillow to be machine-washed makes it convenient for the entire pillow to be placed in the washing machine for a one-time cleaning. No need to frequently remove and install pillowcases, saving time and effort. The washing bag provides additional protection, reducing direct exposure of the fibers to mechanical friction.
LARGER&PREMIUM CRAFTSMANSHIP: Tackling market concerns with small pregnancy pillows – limited stretch, zipper quality, and velcro detachment – we’ve introduced a bigger design, measuring 15*25.6*4.72IN. The high-density zipper enhances durability and smoothness.Cross-stitched velcro provides strength.If you don’t appreciate meticulous craftsmanship or value product quality, then our pregnancy pillow might not be the right fit for you.
QUALITY GUARANTEE: All POBOPOBO store items are covered by a 180-day warranty from the date of receipt. Fabric issues like pilling or damage are eligible for free replacements. It’s recommended to clean and air the product upon receipt for enhanced cleanliness and softness. After receiving the pillow core, gently pat or unzip to fluff the filling, maintaining loftiness. Airing is advised for best results.


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