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Phigolf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator with Swing Stick – WGT Edition


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Product Description

Play world famous courses from your living roomPlay world famous courses from your living room

WGT Golf and E6 Connect – Both Now on Phigolf

Enjoy a round of golf from your own home using your real swing with this exciting golf game! Phigolf’s swing stick and sensor work on the popular World Golf Tour (WGT) app by Topgolf, E6 Connect app by TruGolf, as well as Phigolf’s own golf app! Play on world-famous Championship golf courses and be amazed as the on-screen avatar mirrors your swing motion in real-time!

From beginners to golf pros alike, Phigolf is perfect for get-togethers, whether you’re planning your next BBQ, birthday party, pizza night or looking for something to keep you entertained on your next trip! It’s a great, interactive way to introduce children, friends, and family to golf (without having to drag them out to a course)!

Local and online multiplayerLocal and online multiplayer

Fun mini gamesFun mini games

Online head to headOnline head to head

Online TournamentsOnline Tournaments

Local and online multiplayer

Depending on the app – Play solo or with friends, online or in the same room.

Fun mini games

Games to practice distance and accuracy and games in which you blow stuff up. We have it all.

Online head to head

Play against friends or complete strangers online.

Online Tournaments

Compete in tournaments we sponsor and win prizes. Or setup your own tournament.

Phigolf is the ONLY sensor you can use on WGT AND E6 CONNECT as well as Phigolf’s own golf game/swing analyzer app.

Play on 3 amazing apps!Play on 3 amazing apps!

Play on 3 amazing apps!

Phigolf: Mutliple golf courses, games, and modes are provided on the Phigolf app. Play solo or multiplayer on 7 different fun modes including stroke play, closest-to-the-hole and longest drive.

WGT Golf: Play solo or head-to-head online against friends who also have a Phigolf, wherever they are in the world. Play the Wolf Creek course for free in ‘Stroke Play’ and ‘Closest-to-the-Hole’. For only 2 dollars/month, access the full 19 courses plus 5 best-of short courses offered by WGT.

E6 Connect: Includes the Aviara Golf course. With a paid subscription, experience more than 40 famous courses, exciting games, and online competitions with E6 Connect. Play fun mini-games such as Solaro (blackout) and Henyett (darts). E6 Connect allows you to compete against other golfers around the world in real-time peer-to-peer competition.

WGT golf coursesWGT golf courses

WGT App-Play World Famous Golf Courses (20+ courses)

The WGT Golf app features breath-taking photorealistic graphics, transporting you to Major Championship venues such as St Andrews, Pebble Beach, Valhalla & Pinehurst. Create the ultimate golf game set-up and play on bucket-list golf courses from your own living room, office, garden or games room!

*Play Wolf Creek free – subscription at 2 dollars/month provides access to the full set of courses.

e6 coursese6 courses

E6 Connect App-Play professional golf courses (40+ courses)

E6 CONNECT is the highest-quality, most lifelike and customizable golf software ever created. Use it with Phigolf to teach or train on the driving range, compete in leagues and online events, or just play games at home with friends and family.

The software is only available for iOS users at the moment, but our team is working hard to bring this great software to Android users in the near future.

*Play Aviara Golf Course for free – a subscription is required to access the full set of courses.

fun at partiesfun at parties

Phigolf is great for parties and get-togethers. Play with up to 4 people!

Phigolf packagingPhigolf packaging

Phigolf setupPhigolf setup

3 apps to play3 apps to play

immersive experience on TVimmersive experience on TV

Included in the package

Swing trainer, motion sensor, charging cable, safety strap and user manual.

Phigolf is easy to setup, supports multi-platforms (iOS and Android smartphone and smart TVs) and has a realistic feel!

Easy setup

Turn on the sensor, plug it into the swing stick and connect to Phigolf, WGT or E6 Connect via Bluetooth.

Try the Phigolf sensor on your actual clubs – drivers, irons, wedges, and putters.

3 apps to play

Simply sync the sensor via Bluetooth to your smart device and download the 3 apps. Compatible with iOS 9.0+ / Android 6.0+ and Bluetooth 4.1+ devices.

Note: E6 only runs on iOS.

For immersive experience

Enjoy the action on a bigger screen by mirroring your smartphone screen to your smart TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, etc. (please refer to your device for mirroring instructions) or using the appropriate cable and adapter .

3-IN-1 HOME GOLF SIMULATOR: Phigolf is the first golf simulator featuring three amazing golf apps in one place: Phigolf, WGT, and E6 Connect that are loved by many professional golfers and fans alike. Phigolf includes multiplayer games, 3D Swing Analysis, and much more. With WGT you can combine the app you love with your real golf swing. E6 Connect includes high-quality courses, driving ranges, mini-games, tournaments, and other customizable features.
PRACTICE YOUR GOLF SWING: Phigolf includes a state-of-the-art sensor and swing stick allowing you to practice your golf swing on the best courses in the world wherever you go. The multiplatform Phigolf App offers 3D Swing Analysis and Putting Line Graph for you to analyze your swinging, driving, chipping, and putting from different lies on the fairway, rough, bunkers and green. Types of swing data provided include head speed, swing path, tempo, face angle, attack angle, and estimated distance.
PLAY WORLD FAMOUS GOLF COURSES: By combining the WGT app and the E6CONNECT app with Phigolf’s 9-axis sensor and swing stick you can play world famous championship courses you could previously only dream of. Both the WGT app and the E6CONNECT provides stunning and realistic graphics allowing you to play on over twenty and forty each app 18-hole Major Championship & Iconic Ryder Cup Golf Courses including Pebble Beach, Pinehurst, Royal St George’s, St Andrews, Whistler, and many more.
GOLF FOR EVERYONE: Phigolf is a golf game simulator which is simple to use and enjoyable for all levels of golfing expertise, from golfing beginners to pros. There are many ways to play including playing world class golf courses, WGT head-to-head online, playing Phigolf pass-and-play with friends and family on ‘Nearest the pin’ mode, or E6 Connect’s exciting games or different modes to choose from. It’s so easy to use, even the least tech-savvy can play with ease!
TOURNAMENTS & MULTIPLAYER: Challenge your friends online wherever they are in the world in the head-to-head multiplayer game mode, or compete with other WGT or E6 Connect users around the world in online tournaments on world famous golf courses. Finally play golf year-round, no tee time needed.

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