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Kanye West Announces Plans To Built A City In Middle East, Internet Dubs It “Yecosystem”

Kanye West Announces Plans To Built A City In Middle East, Internet Dubs It “Yecosystem”

Ye’s city plan is still in Phase 1 development.

Kanye West is once again making headlines with his grand ambitions, this time unveiling his plans to build a self-sustaining city in the Middle East called DROAM. According to the New York Post, the American rapper, now known as Ye, aims to build DROAM somewhere in the Middle East, however, he hasn’t specifically mentioned where. X (formerly Twitter) account ‘Unreleased Ye’ announced the rapper’s grand plan, which spans a staggering 100,000 acres, twice the size of New York City. 

According to the tweet, Ye’s city plan is still in Phase 1 development. He is actively seeking collaborators, calling upon project managers, engineers, architects, contractors and builders to join his ambitious endeavour. 

Take a look at the post below: 

Since the announcement, Ye’s fans have been buzzing with excitement and scepticism. “Bro went from trying to be the president of America to building his own city in the Middle East,” wrote one user on X. “Bro is trying to become a sheik by 2024. His name is going to be kanyedeen,” jokingly said another. 

“Sounds like a real Kanye quest,” commented a third user. “Yecosystem: Ye’s new mini-cities with branded homes and stores,” added another. 

Notably, Ye’s announcement comes amidst a backdrop of unfinished ventures and neglected properties. The Post reported that the rapper has teased fans with album announcements that never materialise, leaving his followers disappointed and frustrated. His latest project in collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign was also promised to drop last weekend, however, it failed to see the light of day. 

Taking a dig at this, an X user wrote, “He couldn’t even drop an album, he is trying to drop a city”. 

“Well, that’s certainly an…interesting idea! Kanye West has a history of making bold and sometimes outlandish statements, so it’s hard to say how serious he is about this plan. Do you think it’s even feasible to build a whole city from scratch in the Middle East? What kind of challenges do you think Kanye West would face if he actually tried to make this happen?” expressed another. 

Meanwhile, Ye’s plans for the city also come amid reports that his Los Angeles church, a property he acquired in March for $1.5 million, is now lying in neglect. Several images surfaced on social media that showed boarded-up windows and accumulating trash. 

The Post reported that Ye recently also listed his Malibu home for sale after abandoning plans to renovate it. The property now bears a listing price of $53 million, which is reportedly lower than the $57.25 million he paid for two years ago. 

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