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Jeep Meridian vs Tata Safari and Toyota Fortuner: 4 year ownership cost compared! – Times of India

Jeep Meridian vs Tata Safari and Toyota Fortuner: 4 year ownership cost compared! – Times of India

The recently launched Jeep Meridian is a contender in India’s competitive D-segment SUV space. It faces stiff competition from established players such as the Tata Safari and the Toyota Fortuner on either end of the segment. While the Meridian promises to offer refinement and sophistication in a capable 4×4 package, not much has been written on how well the Meridian compares in terms of ownership cost and maintenance. To answer that question, TOI Auto spoke to dealers and existing customers of all three SUVs to better understand each vehicle’s upkeep requirements. We found some interesting results and collated them under a few simple categories to help you make an informed purchase decision. Here is the report. Please note that final service cost could vary depending on the location, dealers and condition of the vehicle.

2022 Jeep Meridian

Service intervals:
The Jeep Meridian has a service interval of every 15,000 km or 1 year. This makes the Jeep a more hassle-free product when compared to the Tata Safari as that has to go in for service after every 6 months or 7,500 kms. The Toyota Fortuner sits in the middle with a service schedule for every 10,000 km or 1 year.

Tata Safari

Tata Safari

Service cost:
For this comparison, we will assume each model’s fourth paid service estimate as for that we will not have to account for any free service components offered by either manufacturer.
On average, a 45,000 km or 4th year service for the Jeep Meridian would cost around Rs 16,000. In comparison, The Tata Safari’s paid 4th service will take place in 2 years or just 22,500 km due to its 7,500 km service schedule. While every alternate service of the Safari would set one back by just Rs 4 to 5,000 for minor check ups, another Rs 18 to 20,000 at the next 6-month interval will need to be paid when engine oil and filters get changed. This is slightly more than the Meridian’s service cost.
The Toyota Fortuner with its shorter 10,000km interval would cost Rs 11,008 for its 40,000 km or 4th scheduled service. While in retail terms that makes the Fortuner the cheapest at a fourth service, the Meridian’s 15,000 km service interval counter-balances the ownership cost and gives it a slight edge.

2022 Toyota Fortuner

2022 Toyota Fortuner

60,000km ownership cost:
Assuming that each of the vehicles in this comparison is serviced regularly at prescribed intervals, the cumulative ownership cost after 60,000 km of a Jeep Meridian would come up to be Rs 64,989 approximately. The same assumption gives the Tata Safari an approximate ownership cost of Rs 92,527 for 60,000 km. The Fortuner sits in the middle due to its 10,000 km service interval at Rs 79,903.
It is clear that the Meridian’s longer service intervals will result in compounding benefits in terms of ownership cost over time and the claimed 15.7 km per litre fuel efficiency will only add to that. However, this is where the Tata Safari scores better than the Meridian with its 16.1 kmpl efficiency. The Fortuner’s 14.4 kmpl to the litre puts it at the bottom of this comparison. Overall, after adding up maintenance and fuel costs, an owner of the Jeep Meridian would spend the least in this comparison.


Another important factor to consider before buying a new car is the insurance costs. Assuming a base price of Rs 29.9 lakh for the Meridian, Rs 15.35 lakh for the Safari and Rs 34.9 lakh for the Fortuner, insurance costs for the Toyota will clearly set back an owner the most over a 4-year ownership. The Tata Safari would be the cheapest to insure and the Meridian will sit in the middle.

2022 Jeep Meridian with Selec-Terrain 4x4 System

<p>2022 Jeep Meridian with Selec-Terrain 4×4 System<br></p>

In the end, the Meridian is definitely a strong contender for the Indian market. It has a fresh design, offers serious off-road capabilities with its Selec-Terrain 4×4 System and has the Jeep legacy working in its favour. The longer service interval and reasonable ownership cost figures also makes a strong case for it. The Tata Safari is a popular choice as well and it strikes an emotional note with fans of the brand and the Safari legacy. It is also the cheapest to acquire in this comparison but has the shortest service intervals and a slightly higher service cost. However, the Toyota Fortuner is the most popular and longest running SUV in this comparison, it is also the costliest but is light on the pocket in terms of maintenance. Add to it the fact that the Fortuner also enjoys a high resale value in the market. However, based on the data we got the Jeep Meridian appears to be the lightest on the pocket among the three SUVs.

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