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India Now A Leading Voice In World Against Terrorism: President Murmu

India Now A Leading Voice In World Against Terrorism: President Murmu

India Now A Leading Voice In World Against Terrorism: President Murmu

New Delhi:

The scope of India’s foreign policy has gone far beyond the “constraints of the past” and New Delhi firmly placed the country’s interests before the world even in this era of global disputes and conflicts, President Droupadi Murmu said on Wednesday. In her address at a joint sitting of the two houses of Parliament, the President said the successful hosting of the historic G-20 Summit strengthened India’s global standing and that the country’s efforts in making the African Union a permanent member of the bloc were widely appreciated.

The President added that today India is a leading voice in the world against terrorism. In the backdrop of various conflicts and global turmoil, the government has established India as a ‘Vishwa-Mitra‘ (friend of the world) in these difficult times, the President said. “Even in this era of global disputes and conflicts, my government has firmly placed India’s interests before the world. The scope of India’s foreign policy today has gone far beyond the constraints of the past,” she said in her first address at the new Parliament building.

President Murmu said the world was introduced to the real potential of India through the holding of programmes across the country and that Jammu and Kashmir and North East witnessed such big international events for the first time. “In the last 10 years, another conventional way of thinking has been changed Earlier, events related to diplomacy were confined to the corridors of Delhi. My government has ensured direct participation of the public in this also,” she said.

“We saw a great example of this during India’s G-20 presidency. The way India connected the G-20 with the public was unprecedented,” she added. The President said the whole world appreciated the historic G-20 summit held in India. “The unanimous adoption of the Delhi Declaration even in a fractured environment is historic. India’s vision from ‘women-led development’ to environmental issues has become the basis of the declaration,” she said.

The President said India’s “efforts to secure permanent membership of the African Union in the G-20 have also been appreciated.” “During this conference, the development of the India-Middle-East-Europe corridor was announced. This corridor will further strengthen India’s maritime capability,” she said.

President Murmu described the launch of the Global Biofuel Alliance as a big event as such steps are expanding India’s role in solving global problems. “Today, India responds strongly and takes initiatives for the humanity caught in crises. Wherever there is a crisis in the world today, India tries to respond promptly,” she said.

The President said the government has instilled new confidence in Indians working across the world. “Wherever crisis occurred, we have evacuated every Indian safely through campaigns like Operation Ganga, Operation Kaveri, Vande Bharat,” she said. “My government has made continuous efforts to propagate the Indian traditions of Yoga, Pranayam and Ayurveda to the entire world,” she added.

“Last year, representatives of 135 countries did yoga together at the United Nations Headquarters. This is a record in itself,” she added. “The World Health Organization’s first Global Centre for Traditional Medicine is being established in India,” she said.

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