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HIGH Blood Sugar: THESE 5 leaves will help control sugar levels and manage diabetes


Blood sugar control: High blood sugar, also known as diabetes, has far-reaching health impacts. It weakens our body from within and over a period of time, it starts affecting our organs, if the sugar level is not kept in check. If diabetic patients do not take care of their health, then they may also have to face kidney disease and heart disease. According to the Worl Health Organization (WHO), by the year 2030, diabetes would be the seventh largest killer globally.

Apart from the medicines prescribed by doctors, a healthy diet is very much essential to control our blood sugar levels. There are several green leaves in nature which help in reducing blood sugar levels. Let’s check them out:

Ashwagandha leaves:

A popular herb used in Ayurvedic medicine, Ashwagandha – also known as Indian Ginseng – is extremely beneficial for diabetes, claim Ayurveda experts. It is especially beneficial for people with Type 2 diabetes. According to some experts, by stimulating the secretion of insulin in the bloodstream, Ashwagandha reduces sugar levels in the blood. It can be used in the form of root and leaf extract. If you are using Ashwagandha leaves, keep them to dry in the sun; then grind them into a powder.  Now drink the powder mixed with lukewarm water, it will prove beneficial for diabetic patients.

Curry leaves:

A storehouse of fibre and widely used in South Indian dishes, curry leaves can also be beneficial for diabetic patients. Curry leaves are fibre rich and fibre is said to reduce the rate of digestion and hence doesn’t metabolise fast, keeping blood sugar in check. It boosts insulin activity. Therefore, some curry leaves must be chewed every morning.

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Mango leaves:

Loaded with pectin, vitamin C and fibre, mango leaves are known to be very good for people having high blood sugar as well as high cholesterol. This comes as a bit of a surprise because the mango fruit – despite its taste and certain health benefits – is a strict no-no for diabetes patients. So how to consume mango leaves? Boil the leaves in water. Then leave this water overnight, filter it in the morning and drink it.

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Fenugreek leaves:

Fenugreek leaves are once again rich in Ayurvedic properties, so their consumption is considered very beneficial for health. If you eat their leaves or seeds, then it will help to a great extent in reducing the blood sugar level. It is known to improve glucose tolerance. 

Neem leaves:

Neem leaves might be bitter but they are loaded with health benefits. Regular consumption of neem leaves can lower your blood sugar levels. It’s also good for people with high blood pressure (hypertension) or high cholesterol levels. One can have neem juice regularly or simply chew into a handful of the leaves. But be careful and don’t overdo it because in rare cases, the sugar level can tend to go too low. So keep monitoring your blood sugar levels.

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(Disclaimer: The information given here are home remedies based on general information. Before adopting it, please seek medical advice. ZEE NEWS does not confirm this.)

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