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Exclusive: Comedian Bharti Singh Reveals How She Lost 16Kgs In 10 Months


Comedian Bharti Singh has been creating waves across the internet for her stunning weight loss. She has lost 16kgs in a span of 10 months, and her post-weight loss pictures have left her followers amazed. Bharti Singh followed a strict diet to achieve this milestone and a certain set of non-negotiable rules. In an exclusive conversation with NDTV Food, she opened up about her weight loss regime, the diet that she followed, her future plans, and what inspired her to get fit and healthy.

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Bharti Singh revealed that she had always been overweight since childhood. In fact, she said this was her first experience with weight loss, and thanks to the intermittent diet, she had been largely successful. But her motivation was never to lose weight, but simply to become healthy.

“Losing weight or getting slim was never my objective. I only started this diet to get fit. I was borderline diabetic, and during the Covid second wave I realised that I was not able to do my own work myself as I would run out of breath,” she shared in a candid conversation with NDTV Food. This is when Bharti’s husband, producer Haarsh Limbachiyaa, suggested that she could try intermittent fasting. Thus, Bharti would avoid eating anything after 7 pm and only eat after 12 pm the next day. She says the diet was of historical importance and followed by our ancestors and farmers, and this is why it works on us too. This gives the body time to heal on its own and not work on digesting food throughout the day.

But no diet is a cakewalk, and even Bharti Singh faced the same issues. “Initially, in the first 10-15 days, I faced a lot of problems. I would wake up in the middle of the night and eat Maggi or leftover vegetables from dinner. But slowly these things normalised,” she said.

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So, was there any specific food that Bharti adopted? The comedian says that she ate her normal diet but within the stipulated time of 8 hours only. “I did not adopt any diet, I just fasted for 15-16 hours and eat homemade food like Paranthas, chai, eggs, sabzi, Kadhi-Chawal etc. I am from a Punjabi family and Paranthe hamari shaan hain. I never eat any fancy foods, and never eat post-7pm no matter what. In fact, my body has stopped accepting food at the wrong hours.”

Talking about the jokes and comedy she would do with her weight as the subject, she says, “Comedy didn’t necessarily stem from my weight. Now, I will tease others by saying that you couldn’t lose weight, but I did.” She also said her husband Haarsh has helped her a lot on this journey and supported her in many ways. “He tells me that don’t become extremely thin, but stay fit. And we may be planning to have a baby very soon so I need to be healthy for that too,” she said.

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At the end of the day, Bharti Singh is a strong advocate of eating meals at the right time and letting the body heal on its own. However, it is important to consult a doctor or a qualified nutritionist before making any drastic changes to the diet. What did you think of the comedian’s inspiring weight loss journey? Tell us in the comments below.

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