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Boldfit Pull Up Bars For Home Workout -Chin Up Bar Gym Accessories for Men Door Way Adjustable Hanging Rod Without Screw, Anti-skid Grip, Strength Training Exercise Bar- Pullup Bar

Boldfit Pull Up Bars For Home Workout -Chin Up Bar Gym Accessories for Men Door Way Adjustable Hanging Rod Without Screw, Anti-skid Grip, Strength Training Exercise Bar- Pullup Bar

Price: ₹2,999 - ₹1,599.00
(as of Nov 09, 2023 06:06:34 UTC – Details)

From the manufacturer


Boldfit pull up bars for door frame is manufactured with reinforced steel, featuring strong weight capacity approx up to 180kg and security. In addition, the middle of the pull-up bar is added with soft and thickened foam grip, enhancing the friction and protecting your hands at the same time

chin up barchin up bar


By virtue of the adjustable length, the doorway chin up bar can perfectly fit and stick to the walls. Moreover, the both sides of the chin up bar come with a locking mechanism that prevents the bar from sliding and spinning when you are doing pulling up.

With level balancing- bubble meter Safety buckle lock Easily adjustable

The pull up bar is very easy to install. It is designed with anti-slip mat on the both sides, able to stick on the wall firmly and stably, without falling down. The more weight the pull up bar withstands, the more sturdy. Beside, this pull up bar will provide you great support and safety as well as keep your doors and walls intact

Adjustable Length Bar With Anti- slip Pad for sturdy grip Double Protection Lock Soft foam hand grip for strong hold

doorway pullupbardoorway pullupbar

A pull-up is an exercise of upper-body strength. The body is pulled up until the chin close to the bar, and then lowering the body until arms and shoulders are extended.

Pull up barPull up bar

Pull up hanging barPull up hanging bar

Chin up barChin up bar

In order to achieve the goal of safety, without their hands from being wounded, we use thickened high-quality foam with the features of absorbing sweat, without stink, and tearing resistance in door gym pull up bar.

Spirit level can help you install and use the chin up bar in a balanced state when the bubble is in the middle, it means the pull up bar is in balanced state. when the bubble is off the center position, leaning to one side means the bar is in unbalanced.

To consider the safety, the chin up bar no screws from turning during use, we decided to implement this idea with a double safety latch. The protection device consists of a mortise lock and horn buckle to avoid the internal sliding and enhance the stability from horizontal locked.


Boldfit adjustable pull up bar is perfect for a variety of exercises including pull-ups, hanging leg raises, push-ups, sit-ups, strength training, grip training workout, fitness exercise and so on. You can easily strengthen your back, arms, shoulders and abs muscles at home. Suitable for both men and women

High Strength Steel Frame: This pull bar for home gym is made with high strength carbon steel to withstand capacity. Pull ups rod exercise helps in support for doing intense body workout at home and can be easily fixed at any wall height. This bar for pull ups at home is equipped with bubble meter at center to ensure straight installation on the door way. This pull up bar for home without screw is easily removable and portable.
Doorway Pullup Bar : Our door way pull bar is easy to install without any drill and screw, this pull up rod is first placed on the top height, for adjusting the height on the door way and using the bubble meter maintain the straightness (liquid in center), then extending the bars length until the door frame and start rotating pull up bar from center, so the ends of the rod shoe presses firmly on the sides. This bar provides strong hold for doorway pullup bar than screw pull up bars wall mounted.
Strength Training Dynamite: Pullup bar for home incorporated in your daily training routine will help you workout with major exercise like pullups, chin ups and also strengthen your muscles with other basic exercise like leg stretch, push-ups, crunches, abs workouts. Pull-up bar for home will also help to improve your posture because reverse grip pull ups or reverse chin ups do a great job at working out on your postures and back.
Easy to Install and Store: Another great benefit of the door pull up bar or gym pull up bar is that they consume minimal space in your house and removable so, we can carry this gym bar rod along with us and as it is easy to pop in and pop out at your convenience. Having a door pull up bar in your door frame at home provides a great reminder to do a few reps or sets anytime you pass it. Comfort is also important when using pull ups bar for home so, this pull up bars home gym rod provide better hand, finger and hold grip for regular exercise.

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