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Aurion PVC Dumbbells – Blue (Set of Two) | Hand Weight Dumbbell | Exercise and Fitness Training Equipment for Home and Gym Use | Full Body Workout | For Men and Women (4 Kg (2 Kg x 2))

Aurion PVC Dumbbells – Blue (Set of Two) | Hand Weight Dumbbell | Exercise and Fitness Training Equipment for Home and Gym Use | Full Body Workout | For Men and Women (4 Kg (2 Kg x 2))

Price: ₹179.00
(as of Feb 04, 2024 13:30:09 UTC – Details)

When looking for the best home gym equipment and workout essentials, Aurion has you covered. Our brand provides a variety of quality products ranging from weightlifting belts to boxing gloves and more. At Aurion, we understand that physical activity plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our durable and reliable gym equipment provides you with an effective workout anywhere and at any time of the day. Our products are designed to meet any budget and are made for rough and extended use. Whether toning up your biceps or refining your abs, we ensure you have the perfect training setup for any kind of exercise while still being lightweight and space-saving. Aurion is your partner in achieving your health and fitness goals! We provide everything you need to stay in shape – dumbbells, skipping ropes, punching bags, fitness kits, weightlifting belts, and much more! Our carefully selected equipment features premium materials that ensure maximum durability and reliability. Aurion is committed to providing top-quality products. We also house an extensive range of sports equipment like bags, volleyballs, footballs, and cricket bats. So, no matter what sport or activity you’re passionate about, Aurion has the right gear for you. With our reliable products and budget-friendly prices – we’re ready to become a part of your fitness story! Our range also includes boxing gloves, ideal for those wanting to kick up their fitness routine a notch. Durable straps prevent injury yet provide you with enough flexibility and articulation needed for quick maneuvers. Take your boxing practice up a notch with Aurion’s punching bag or make waves at the gym with our weighted-lifting belt. Aurion has been creating gym equipment since 2007 – so if you are a gym enthusiast looking for quality exercise products, make sure to check us out on Amazon!
Material – The package consists set of 2 dumbbells. Perform exercises by incorporating strength training using Aurion dumbbells. Durable PVC heads stand well against wear and tear. You’ll be using these weights for exercises for a very long
Components- Aurion dumbbells come with non-slip ergonomic handles to ensure you have a safe and comfortable workout session without wrist pain or injury. The grooved patterns on the heads allow them to be stable on the floor. The textured, contoured handles prevent the coated hex dumbbells from slipping as you curl, pump, or lift. Enjoy a secure hold that lets you power through every set.
Usage. Exercising with Aurion dumbbells for full-body, multiplanar movements can provide varieties of strength outcomes and it is beneficial for the body’s health, especially for fitness and flexibility suitable for both men and women
Multifunctional Dumbbell – Aurion dumbbells are ideal for fore arm exercises like palms-up and down, wrist curls and biceps exercises like bicep curls, concentration curls and triceps excercise like triceps kick back, overhead extension and even chest and triceps excercise
Versatile – Dumbbells offer the ability to target specific muscle groups or perform a full body workout; Use smaller weights for upper body exercises and switch to heavier weights for lower body exercises


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