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android: How to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android smartphone to iPhone


If you are planning to change your Android smartphone and shift to Apple iOS then you need to transfer your data to your new phone. But how to go about it? No need to wander around in search of data cables and other accessories to save your data. You can transfer data such as your chat history be it individual chats or group chats, media, and others. However, you cannot transfer your existing call history.

What device settings are required?
It is easy to migrate data from an existing phone to a new phone, but there are a few technicalities that need to be considered before migrating the data to another device. These are:

  1. Both the devices should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network
  2. Move to iOS app should be installed on the Android smartphone
  3. The user needs to have an Android phone which supports Android OS Lollipop, SDK2 21 or above or Android 5 or above.
  4. Both the devices must be connected to a power source.


Open the Move to iOS app on your phone (Make sure that you have Move to iOS app installed on your Android smartphone



A code will be displayed on your iPhone. Enter the code in your Android smartphone when asked



Tap on Continue and follow the instructions



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